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It’s a wonder the things you find while randomly searching Flickr. I’ve yet to see this gem break out, so I’m happy to show you this comparative photo between the BlackBerry 8700 and BlackBerry 8800, respectively. Flickr user Greipurs posted this shot late last week, and gives the photo this description: “BlackBerry Electron (8700) versus Huron (8800)”. If you’ll remember, the 8700’s codename was the Electron, and although I’ve yet to see the “Huron” codename, what does this Flickr user know that the rest of us don’t? Thanks, Greipurs.

  • Jerome
    8700 dimensions from PhoneScoop (in mm): 109x69x20

    8800 Indigo dimensions from BGR (in mm): 114x66x14

    so the while the 8800 is slightly taller than the 8700, the angle probably exaggerates that dimension and definitely exaggerates the width, which is in fact narrower by 3mm. (Assumes the dimension "targets" in the BGR presentation match the production size...). Anyway, I'm still carrying my 7290 (114x764x23), and although I love my wife's Pearl, I'm holding out for the Crimson or the 8900.
  • wayne
    I like the bigger keypad and overall size, but I need a camera. Thanks for the update.
  • kirk
    A cameraless 8800 is what I want. Working for the gov. we aren't allowed to put the pearl on our enterprise server (yes, i know, even though you can disable the camera through policy).
  • M
    This guy is going to get fired....

    You wouldnt believe the people who scour looking for leaks.
  • Apple
    So what we're we gaining again with the 8800 with no camera no wifi and no 3g?
  • LJS
    It looks to me like the picture is taken at a bit of an angle, making the 8800 appear significantly larger than the 8700. But hey, it's the best thing I've seen.

    No one is ever happy are they? And by "no one" I mean me... it's sad.
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