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Weekend Contest: What’s RIM planning for 3GSM in Barcelona?


There’s a few other sites that usually fuel the rumour mill, but we thought we’d interject with our own little inquiry for a second. Earlier in the month, we let you know about an announcement RIM’s planning to make at the 3GSM Conference in Barcelona that showcases the latest in mobile technology.

With competing companies presenting 3G-enabled devices, not to mention Motorola showing off their EVDO HSDPA Q2 at the event, it left us wondering why RIM would be boasting a new device that’s not even close to 3G? So this week we ask: Could RIM have something bigger instore for us at 3GSM in Barcelona? This week’s winner (or winners, we might choose more than one - we’re crazy like that) will walk away with BlackBerry Cool edition themes for their BlackBerry courtesy

Last week we posed a question that hit really close to home: how would you improve BBCool? We’re really hoping you’ve been noticing the changes that have been happening lately, and I can tell you that things are only going to get more and more exciting over the coming months. Ascendo was kind enough to give out three copies of their new DataVault release, so we had the pleasure of choosing three repondents. The three winning commenters are Stac, Aaron (we just had to), and Ryan’s lengthy (yet heartfelt) retort scored him a copy, too.

Thank you to everyone for your help and suggestions. I think you’ll all be really pleased with what’s coming down the pipeline. Enjoy your weekend.

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2 Responses to “Weekend Contest: What’s RIM planning for 3GSM in Barcelona?”

  1. Nick
    January 26th, 2007 16:21

    This guy, who knows a guy, who knows this girl who is cousins with his brother in-laws sister is Mike Lazaridis’ chef. And he said that Mike was using a blackberry device one day at home that had a camera he was using to conference with Jim Balsillie. It had a touch screen he was using to flip through a pdf document he had pulled off his desktop server at home over wifi and could hear Jim perfectly clear through hi-fidelity speakers embedded on the front of “the” device.

    I think RIM is planning to announce “that” device at 3GSM. :)

  2. BlackBerryCool » Weekend Contest reminder
    January 31st, 2007 10:11

    […] A note to remember: our weekend contest runs from one Friday to the next, so there’s no rush to get your entry in over the weekend. I know the name’s a tad confusing and it’ll be changing in the near, near future - but just deal with it for now. Last week we posed the question: What’s RIM planning for 3GSM in Barcelona? Check out the official contest post for all necessary information. There’s prizes involved, by the way. […]

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