Jim Balsillie gives a pep talk


I can’t picture the crowd standing on their feet and swinging novelty towels around when RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie tries to rev them up, but we know that’s what’s happening in their hearts. I digress. A report from the Globe and Mail has Jim Balsillie issuing a call to action during the Board of Trade dinner in Toronto on Monday. Jim gets real for a second and tells the spectators to live outside the box.

“When I was a kid I used to think there was this kind of council in the sky of old guys that made sure the world worked okay,” Mr. Balsillie said in a speech at the Toronto Board of Trade’s annual dinner.

Mr. Balsillie believes that the mechanism the world uses for dealing with its problems — whether poverty, health, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or any number of other issues — has grown outdated and ineffective…

“We have an enormous stake in this country in the strength and emergence and order of these institutions. And make no mistake, the world has changed faster than these institutions have changed. My call to action is that we all begin to think that this is the thing to do, that it’s fashionable.”

The article is a really great read. Give it a once over .

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