Slingplayer Mobile coming soon for BlackBerry?

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Don’t hold your breath just yet, but it could really be happening. For those just joining us after living under a rock, the Slingplayer allows you to control your DVR, cable box, satellite receiver or any other type of TV entertainment you have as well as watch live TV via an internet connection. The mobile Slingplayer allows you to control your player with your handheld device.

Robb over at RIMarkable recently noted that we won’t be seeing the Slingplayer coming to the BlackBerry anytime soon. A member over at Pinstack stumbled on something that gives us a glimmer of hope, though.

While browsing the SlingMedia website, home of the Slingplayer, the member came across a job posting searching for a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. Under the qualifications, there’s a little nuggest of optimism that might mean the Slingplayer could become a new member of the BlackBerry family soon enough.

- Ability to work on multiple projects under tight deadlines and changing priorities.
- Testing and managing Mobile devices lab (Windows Mobile, S60, Palm OS, JavaME (J2ME), RIM, BREW) is a plus.
- BS in Computer Science or equivalent.

Feel free to check in on the discussion over there to see what folks are speculating. Me? Well, I’d love to see it come sooner rather than later. And I wouldn’t put it past anyone to have the Slingplayer on a BlackBerry before the end of ‘07.

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