Cortado turns BlackBerrys to fax machines

Back in the roaring 80s, Transformers were the popular toy. Turning one thing into something completely different was a great idea and loads of fun. It still is a great idea, apparently, but we’re not sure about the fun part. Cortado has launched a service that will turn your BlackBerry into a fax machine for just a “small monthly fee”. You’re looking at close to a $10 USD price tag per month.

“The service adds value for existing BlackBerry® users by allowing e-mails, attachments, and other documents to be sent to a fax machine for printout while on the go. The cost of sending the fax is also included in the monthly fee. Cortado supports printing in the original format without page limits, as well as Office formats, PDF, images in jpg or tif format, as well as locally saved information. The service is ready to use within minutes.”

You can read the full press release here.

2 Response to “Cortado turns BlackBerrys to fax machines”

  1. 1 john tennant

    can a blackberry receive a fax from an ordinary fax machine and if so how many how many can be stored in memory. Can you then send the stored fax to an ordinary fax machine. In other words can the blackberry be used as a fax machine without the actual printout.
    many thanks
    john tennant

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