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Slingplayer Mobile coming soon for BlackBerry?



Don’t hold your breath just yet, but it could really be happening. For those just joining us after living under a rock, the Slingplayer allows you to control your DVR, cable box, satellite receiver or any other type of TV entertainment you have as well as watch live TV via an internet connection. The mobile Slingplayer allows you to control your player with your handheld device.

Robb over at RIMarkable recently noted that we won’t be seeing the Slingplayer coming to the BlackBerry anytime soon. A member over at Pinstack stumbled on something that gives us a glimmer of hope, though.

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Different classes for iPhone & BlackBerry


Just a little update for all of you folks on the whole iPhone vs. BlackBerry debacle. If we’ve come to any conclusion, it’s that there’s not really any need to get up in arms (just yet, at least) as the iPhone’s going after a completely different end user.

A report from the International Business Times reports that not only should RIM not be worried about Apple, but they tag a high price tag on RIM’s stock.

Sanderson said that while both phones cater to a higher-end consumer, the iPhone is a robust multi-media device while the Blackberry is built for business. “It is well understood that a new Range Rover does not impact Lexus sales,” Sanderson explained. “Though they are both luxury vehicles, the gas-guzzling SUV is twice the price and has different appeal than the sedan.”

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Simbsoft’s VolleyBall reviewed


volleyball1.jpgWhile you think BlackBerry buffs are jutting down the street and bumping into people because they’re buried in their emails, think again. They’re more than likely shooting for a high score in Magmic’s Ka-Glom or some sort of other BlackBerry gaming goodness. It’s true.

I thought I’d take a little bit of time to step away from the more serious-leaning apps (who caught that BlinkBerry review?), and sit down with Simbsoft’s Volleyball. What better way to tease folks confined to a cold cubicle than by flaunting some fun in the sun right in front of them? Check out our review of Simbsoft’s Volleyball after the jump.

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Say your (BlackBerry) prayers


Courtesy of


I’m going to make you work for the punchline.

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One4000 cuts BlackBerry calling costs


one4000logo.jpgI know we’ve got some penny-pinchers in our audience, and this is not only a tip for you folks, but anyone looking to snag a great deal on international and long-distance calling on your BlackBerry. Global telecom service has launched a new low-cost offering for long-distance and international calling from BlackBerry devices, letting you make those costly calls but with local rates.

By downloading the free One4000 call-back application, BlackBerry users can easily initiate calls via the internet and save money, especially when dialing international or long-distance. For anyone who doesn’t want to download the application, but still want to use the service, not to worry. All registered One4000 customers can easily and instantly initiate calls via a simple text message or through their online account pages.

For more information, feel free to visit One4000’s official web site.

Digg with your BlackBerry


digglogo.jpgGet digging on your BlackBerry without getting dirty (unless that’s your thing, and if it is, you’re in the totally wrong part of the web). Just a little tip for all of you web-enthusiasts that the social bookmarking site known as is ready and waiting to be dugg on your BlackBerry.

All you’ve gots to do is point your favourite web browser to to see the top stories of the day laid out right in front of you all neat and tidy on your device. A great little add-on from the folks at Digg to show that they care about their mobile-toting audience.

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