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Should Microsoft buy RIM?


microrim.jpgI’ll chuck my vote into the “no” column for now. An article from makes the suggestion that Microsoft could and should purchase RIM to create an amazing device that’ll blow the iPhone (and other competitors) away. They present a compelling case, but there’s no swaying my vote just yet.

“After playing a secondary role to Apple (AAPL) in the iPod space, Microsoft could tackle Apple, Nokia (NOK), Motorola (MOT), Samsung and Palm (PALM) head on in the iPhone world.”

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Special Report: BlackBerry Technical Seminar recap



A recap from the BlackBerry Technical Seminar for IT Professionals, Virtual Edition: BES 5.0 pushed to Q3 2007, TONS of new features included in forthcoming BES 4.1 service packs

Aside from the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, which is held every Spring, Research In Motion also holds a less expensive, single-day seminar for BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators and application developers, entitled Connect With The Experts. In the past, this event has been in the neighborhood of $150-200. Earlier today, RIM decided to offer this same general experience through the use of a convenient technology medium that’s near and dear to us all – the Internet.

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Cheney caught Black-handed during State of the Union


cheeeeeeney.jpgI needed a good laugh like this today. Earlier this week, Mr. W. Bush held one of his crazy State of the Union addresses. Looks as though one of his cohorts couldn’t care any less, as it appears as though one US Vice-President Dick Cheney is actually BlackBerry’ing during the speech. Check out the video after the jump and judge for yourself, but I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. At least, I hope it is, if you know what I mean.

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Weekend Contest: What’s RIM planning for 3GSM in Barcelona?



There’s a few other sites that usually fuel the rumour mill, but we thought we’d interject with our own little inquiry for a second. Earlier in the month, we let you know about an announcement RIM’s planning to make at the 3GSM Conference in Barcelona that showcases the latest in mobile technology.

With competing companies presenting 3G-enabled devices, not to mention Motorola showing off their EVDO HSDPA Q2 at the event, it left us wondering why RIM would be boasting a new device that’s not even close to 3G? So this week we ask: Could RIM have something bigger instore for us at 3GSM in Barcelona? This week’s winner (or winners, we might choose more than one – we’re crazy like that) will walk away with BlackBerry Cool edition themes for their BlackBerry courtesy

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BlackBerry 8700g headed for Slovenia


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You’ve been circling your calendars, awaiting the day RIM would announce that they’re headed for Slovenia. Well, today’s the day, my friend. Mobitel and RIM have announced that their combined efforts have brought the BlackBerry 8700g into the Slovenian market to continue RIM’s slow but steady process for world domination.

“Mobitel is offering the BlackBerry 8700g for €1 as part of a BlackBerry subscription package over a 12 month subscription period. The BlackBerry service can be used by all Mobitel subscribers, either by adding it to their existing subscription package for a monthly fee of €15, or by selecting the BlackBerry subscription package with a €49.99 monthly fee. Both solutions include data transfer in Slovenia.”

Opera Mini celebrates one-year anniversary


I knew there was a reason I popped that bottle of champagne before coming to work. I was just prepping myself for this press release that was waiting for me from Opera Software in my inbox. Appears as though their Opera Mini browser’s celebrating it’s one-year anniversary today, and we’d like to extend our hearty congrats and back slaps to the entire Opera crew for their tireless efforts in improving BlackBerry and mobile browsing.

“This is a celebration for our users,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Thanks to the more than 10 million people who use Opera Mini, we’ve changed the way users and mobile operators think about the mobile Web. Because of the tremendous grassroots support, Opera Mini is now a movement.”