Rogers meets Telenav GPS navigation


The forums have been a hotbed for tips and such as of late – thanks, folks. A recent post notes that Rogers is now offering Telenav GPS services on their 8700 and 8100 (Pearl) series BlackBerry handhelds. Note that you do need a data plan and this little add-on will add-on another $10/month on top of your regular data payment. To get a hold of the service, open the WAP, select applications and follow the directions from there. Click after the jump for some enthralling things Rogers users can partake in now with Telenav GPS on their devices.

• Find restaurants, banks, hotels, and more from over 10 million points of interest across North America

• 2D and 3D maps move with you allowing you to see your current location and nearby streets with accuracy

• If you miss a turn no problem, Automatic reroute will quickly update your route and redirect you to your destination

• Fuel finder, WiFi and Parking locator enable you to find parking lots or gas stations when you need them

• Enter Destinations via your address book on your mobile device, by manually entering the location or adding new locations via the TeleNav Web Portal