How you use your BlackBerry. Really.

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Is it just me or has the novelty of a Swiss Army knife kind of worn off? Seems as though everything these days has some kind multiple functionality. Speaking of which - I wanted to point you to a post over at RIMarkable. Robb posed a good question asking “Besides email and making calls, what do you really use your BlackBerry for?”.

There’ve been some decent comments thus far with users pouring their hearts out, noting alarm usage, checking sport scores, gaming. It’s obvious that the BlackBerry is so much more than just a phone and email device, so now I’m intrigued to know what all of you are doing apart from the norm. Let me know.

  • vickie
    what does the "D" mean and the "R" when texin and on messenger.
  • John
    I've successfully checked a group of travelers driving from Denver to Albuquerque into our Southwest flights in the middle of the night. That was pretty cool.
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