Comparing the QWERTY


qwertycover.jpgQWERTY. A familiar face most of us see everyday. If you’re sitting in front of your desk, give those six letters a loving tap on your keyboard, thanking them for giving you the best possible typing solution. An article over at Dr. Dobb’s list comparisons between the Motorola Q, Nokia E61, and BlackBerry 8700c and gives insight into who’s killing in the QWERTY category. Is “thin in” with the Q? Is “Bigger better” with the E61?

Staying on task: RIM 8700c
Keeping the bells and whistles to a minimum while delivering on the required functions of worldwide cellular voice and anytime, anywhere e-mail, the RIM BlackBerry 8700c is put together at an estimated, best-in-class hardware BOM just north of $110.

RIM pares costs with an integrated applications processor and digital baseband from Marvell, the PXA901. The baseband not only provides the digital processing for all cellular communications–quad-band GSM, GPRS and Edge–but also serves as the engine for the suite of applications delivered by the BlackBerry OS.

You can check out the article in its entirety right here.