Jibi-Jabber: RIM customer support success


It seems there is one universal commonality to humans (or at least the ones I know) – we like to complain, we love to criticize. Having a background in the support services industry, I must say that I was rarely commended for all of the good work that I accomplished, although I did receive more than a handful harsh words and criticism when it came to my mistakes.

I will also be the first to admit that I’m typically fronting the line in your neighborhood Complaints Department when it comes to the quality of service I receive, be it an online shopping experience, auto repairs following a wreck, or the unfolding of controversial politics. It’s this character flaw in most of us overly critical humans that makes it tough to succeed in the support services industry without getting burned out – extremely demanding, less than rewarding.

So in lieu of my normal tendencies, I want to take a moment to point out OUTSTANDING support from a technical support representative who works for a company we rarely talk about in these parts of the Internet, Research In Motion.

csup2.jpgI will first share the background of my issue: more than two years ago, when BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 was released, I decided to jump in fairly quickly and learn the newly introduced feature for wireless software provisioning. To this point, I’ve never really had the need to remove software, over the air. After our pilot for wireless instant messaging services with Enterprise Messenger was completed and our environment-specific kinks and quarks had been worked out, it was decided to remove the client from the few users it had been deployed to until the services were introduced into our production environment.

I configured the policies to remove the application, but a day passed and Enterprise Messenger was still present and functional on an array of devices. I then made new policies, thinking that perhaps I configured something incorrectly, but another 24 hours netted the same results.

I decided to enlist the help of the good people at RIM and emailed BlackBerry Support with my issue. The first reply I received concluded that I had taken the correct steps and asked if I could verify one setting. Low and behold, the same results soon followed. The second reply I received stated that I would be unable to remove applications wirelessly – application would be hidden and disabled but the modules would remain on our handhelds.

csup3.jpgI considered that a semi-acceptable answer, as it would result in the same general outcome I was looking for… just one problem, the icons were still present and the application was still functional. On to the third reply from a third representative… I will say that it is typically the point in the process that I’m requested to contact RIM by phone to further troubleshoot an issue

I received a six paragraph response in this third reply. I’m immediately floored with surprise. I start reading the response and the representative, Patrick, did not request for me to call in. Instead, I’m greeted as I would be if I were calling in and receiving a live representative on the phone. Ending the first paragraph was the establishment of preferred nomenclature: “Would you like to be called this, this, or that…?” (Obviously with various forms of my name attached).