A brief note to Research In Motion


Dear Jim & Mike;

dearrim.jpgI was just sitting here, manning my post as editor for BlackBerryCool.com (you’ve heard of us, haven’t you?), and I thought I should bring something to your attention. Did you happen to catch our most recent weekend contest? Yeah, the one where we’re giving away a GPS puck. We asked our readers to help market your next device – the 8800, the one you’ve failed to tell us anything officially about yet. You’d be impressed at what our readers, YOUR customers, have put together thus far.

There’s been over 30 entires, and that’s only been since Friday afternoon. Sure, people are excited about winning the puck, but you can tell they’re getting excited about this BlackBerry 8800, too. We’ve been getting some great ideas. Like Krad’s suggestion to get Oprah to herald the device on her show. Or what about Squished18 (we’re pretty sure that’s his real name) and his suggestion to have a signature BlackBerry tone (don’t try to make it sound like “By Mennen”, just a tip). And Alan’s comment noting that there should be an ad campaign where the device was personified – I got a good chuckle out of that.

There’s loads of great entries, and that’s not all of them, I’m sure. We’re accepting answers up until Thursday at midnight, so that award-winning (or in this case, puck-winning) idea could still be waiting in the ether. Jim, Mike – we just thought you’d like to see what’s going on right underneath your nose. Sure these folks are hoping that they win the big prize, but I think they’ll all be disappointed if you drop the ball with this 8800 business. Say “hi” to the kids for me.