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The very first episode of the BlackBerry Cool podcast is now online. To subscribe, open your iTunes and under the “Advanced” menu, click “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter this address: . Find out who won USGlobalSat’s Bluetooth GPS Puck and listen to me and fellow BBCool Editor Douglas Soltys weigh in on the big BlackBerry news for the past two weeks. We’re looking forward to doing this every couple weeks - hope you’re all OK with that.

  • SKhan
    Podcasts allow for the vast expansion of radio shows, off the limited space that is AM or FM frequency, and onto the Internet, where bandwidth if relatively cheap. It also opens up broadcast possibilities to people who, for some reason or other, don’t pass through a radio station’s gatekeepers. Now, wouldn’t you like to listen to podcasts right on your BlackBerry? It makes all the sense in the world. And as the BlackBerry gains more functionality, it’s going to become easier and easier.
  • Ron
    I guess these would be great but I want to listen to them on the road and not at my computer. My Sansa e260 MP3 player doesn't handle MP4s so I am sunk. PLEASE put them on as MP3s and it would be much better.
  • Michael R
    I must say, very entertaining and informative. Well done.
  • Krad
    I never listened to a podcast before.

    What i did was view the source code on the link and got this...

    I then downloaded that to my pc and used windows media player to listen to it.

    Podcast was great.

    btw the site sounds like...

    the last part sounds like adesk..or uh desk...
    kr adesk
    change the k
    you have
  • connie
    what is podcast? is that on your phone? how do you listen?
  • Michael R
    That is so sweet, cant wait to hear it!
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