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Bacon on BlackBerry returns

Nice to see our help expert and Magmic BlackBerry guru Jeff Bacon back in the driver’s seat (insider tip: he sits on phone books to see over the wheel) with a new installment of Bacon on BlackBerry. Have a ‘Berry query that you just can’t handle? Drop Bacon a note at bacon [at] and he’ll make everything right. Or die trying. Good to see you again, Jeff.

Q: I need to wipe the memory clean off a Pearl that I am selling. How do I do this?

A: The Desktop Manager is the easiest tool for this. Open the Application Loader. Click ‘Next’ on the list of applications. Click the ‘Advanced’ button and check off both checkboxes. On the next screen, make sure to select ‘Do not automatically backup and restore the device applications data during the loading process’. Click ‘Next’ through to the end of the dialogs and it will wipe your device.

Q: Is there a way to disable the auto text or auto complete on the BlackBerry?

A: No, theoretically it’s always supposed to be helpful.

Q: I just wanted to know if there is an option on the Pearl where you can hide icons and move them around like you were able to on the 8700?

A: Absolutely. Highlight the icon you want to hide or move. If you hold ALT (bottom-left of the keypad) and press the menu button (directly to the left of the trackball), the menu that appears will have the move, hide and show all items on it.

Q: Hi! I have a BB pearl. I also have a Mac. I have tried downloading apps from Handango…

A: Ok, I’m going to stop you right there. I have talked to a few people with Macs and none of them have had much lock getting PocketMac to work (which was in the rest of your question). Most people I know have just given up but I believe an intrepid member of the BlackBerryCool staff has a Mac so maybe they can comment here and share their experiences.

Also, check out if you want better, cooler and more fun content than what you get on Handango. It still might not load via PocketMac… but at least it’s cooler stuff that doesn’t load.

Q: I’m having a hard time trying to use my BlackBerry as a modem, syncing it to my laptop so I can surf the net. Can you give me some advice?

A: The best instructions for using your BlackBerry as a modem I have found are here:
I have tried on a few different BlackBerries and a few different computers and have not had many issues (aside form it being slow compared to my land-line connection).

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3 Responses to “Bacon on BlackBerry returns”

  1. Michael R
    February 12th, 2007 09:56

    In response to “Q: I just wanted to know if there is an option on the Pearl where you can hide icons and move them around like you were able to on the 8700?”

    The steps of alt and click the ball are incorrect for some themes, mainly the zen theme, on the ball if you scroll to the bottom of the icon list there is a program called organize. By opening this you can click on the icons to move them or hide them.

    Also thats a great modem wright up on the bbforums, if you need more info on it or you need to contact your carrier for support and want to provide a valid article thier allowed to referance use (GSM) (CDMA)

  2. Bacon on BlackBerry
    February 13th, 2007 15:06

    Michael, you’re right about the instructions for the moving icons. I should have mentioned that’s only applicable to some themes.

  3. Bacon on BlackBerry
    February 13th, 2007 15:09

    Also, a friend at RIM pointed out to me that you can also wipe the device right from the device.

    Options->Security Options->General Security and then select the “Wipe Handheld” menu item.

    Personally I prefer to use the Desktop Manager for all loading/backup/etc. operations but I suppose if you’re wiping your device it doesn’t matter if anything goes wrong! =)

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