BlackBerry Connect offered on new HTC devices


Every press release that hits my desk with “3GSM” in it is like another slap in the face for missing a pretty solid party. This time, it’s another release from RIM, and they’ve announced that five new HTC Windows-Mobile based devices will be offering BlackBerry Connect.

Florian Seiche, Vice President HTC Europe, commented: “BlackBerry Connect is a great example of our continual drive to add more value for our customers. We have experienced strong demand for BlackBerry Connect from some of our key operator clients and therefore consider it important that our devices support the popular BlackBerry service.”

“HTC is the world’s leading provider of Windows Mobile-based devices and a strategic partner for RIM. We’re pleased to be extending our relationship to bring BlackBerry Connect to a range of new HTC devices this year,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “Together, HTC devices and BlackBerry Connect provide an innovative and powerful solution that meets the distinct needs of both mobile users and IT departments.”

Check out the full release.