Chain or no chain? BlackBerry users indifferent


tethered.jpgI always laugh at the little toddlers who are always tethered by those leashes to their Mom or Pop, but things don’t really change. Now we’re still tethered to authority, this time it’s to work and with our BlackBerrys acting as the leash. A recent survey that popped up on Cellular News notes that, although it might be yanking on our will a little, BlackBerry users are ok with it.

Among key highlights of the research is the conclusion that the jury is split on whether devices like BlackBerry or Treo liberate or chain people to their work. Some 33% of respondents agreed with the statement “devices like BlackBerry chain you to work more than they liberate you.” 34% were neutral and the balance, 33%, disagreed. Surprisingly, among those who own a BlackBerry or a similar device, the results were not all that different: 34% agreed with the statement, 37% disagreed and 29% were neutral.

While smartphones give users ability to get work done outside the office, the survey showed that owners worked somewhat more, not less than average. Among those who own a BlackBerry or a similar device, 19% worked for more than 50 hours a week, compared to 11% average. Among owners of BlackBerry or a similar device, 53% agreed with the statement “I don’t have enough ‘me’ time,” compared to 40% average. Among women owners, a majority, 65%, agreed.