Magmic CEO interviewed on


johncris.jpgIt’s always nice to be reminded that not all companies are being run by faceless drones. Case and point is a recent interview on, where Magmic CEO John Criswick laments on the future of his company, as well as filling in the holes of it’s past.

A decent read, and it should be noted that John and his crew have a lot to do with where the mobile gaming industry is headed – and they’re putting BlackBerry handhelds at the forefront. Pretty awesome.

How about a scoop on your next project. What’s next for Magmic?

There are a few things coming up:

- we are launching the retro classic Miner 2049er across all mobile platforms and into the PC platform as well
- our game pipeline for 2007 is full of additional well known retro classics and current popular Web casual games but am not able to release those details
- for BlackBerry technology, PIN to PIN messaging will certainly play a part in our 2007 strategy but can’t elaborate more at this stage

Maybe someone’ll finally make the PIN technology worthwhile. Here’s to hoping.