Lock on Stocks vol. 1

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Big welcome to BlackBerry Forums moderator Paulbbc to the BlackBerry Cool team. He’s been kind enough to volunteer his time covering the stock market as it matters to us in the BlackBerry community. Send him your best. - Steve

Welcome to the first Lock on Stocks with me, your host, Paulbblc. This will be a weekly column where I break down why the market did what it did this week. We obviously won’t be focusing on the whole stock market; however we’ll break down how the mobile technology industry did. Who were the winners and losers for the week and why they succeeded or why they failed.

As I sit here sipping on a lovely Sam Adams White Ale at my local, plush watering whole I can’t help but think about all the drama that has occurred these past few months due to the legal battle between Research In Motion and Blackjack makers, Samsung.

In my top 5 beer list there are two Sams, Samuel Adams and Samuel Smith. I wonder to myself how can these two beers with very similar names co-exist on a planet where companies are quick to throw the lawsuit card. Now I know this article is not supposed to be about beer and from here on out it will not be and I am sure I will get tons of flack for either (a) trying to compare the mobile industry to alcohol or (b) getting on RIM’s case for something I actually would have done myself.

Unless you live under a rock you know the outcome of the saga, but for those whom call a cave their home RIM and Samsung settled last week. Ideally what I’d like to accomplish from this little rant is to hear your thoughts on the lawsuit and the settlement. Tell me how you feel and why you believe RIM did the right or wrong thing by taking action against Samsung.

Now on to bigger and more ‘this year’ news. Microsoft is planning to drop the gloves, however not with who you might think. Instead of setting their sights on rival OS maker, Apple and their iPhone, Microsoft has locked in on our favorite Canadian smart phone producer and folks, this one could end up being a slobber-knocker. On Monday Microsoft unveiled its updated Windows Mobile 6 operating system at the 3GSM Conference in Barcelona. With this a rather large collection of operators and device manufacturers announced they would be incorporating Windows Mobile 6 into products launched near Q2 of 2007. What does this spell for the RIM? I want your opinions. Regardless with the news of the release the market did not seem too impressed as the stock actually dropped quarter of a dollar. Must be BB fans over on Wall Street.

Okay enough jibber-jabber (not to be confused with jibi-jabber seen here on BBCool) about the little things. The big news of the week is the official announcement of the 8800. We all new it was coming but how did Wall Street feel about the big announcement? Well they didn’t seem too impressed about that either. These guys on Wall Street are hard to please. However the stock did rise a bit though. The big jump this week came when it was announced that RIM was on target to reach or exceed February quarter numbers. The news raised the price to $138 a share from $134 which has created a plateau effect up until the time of this writing.

Well I’m going to close out this article on a high note for RIM. I want to apologize first off for the lack detail in this first article. I’ve been swamped at work this week and haven’t really had the time to research and write as much as I would have liked to. We’ll see if Steve lets me come back next week with a more detailed article on what the stocks do next week.
Take care everyone! Be safe and stay good.

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