The BrickBreaker guilty pleasure


bb.jpgA lot of folks think that we’re addicted to BlackBerry handhelds because they provide us with a great business solution. Well, while that may hold true for some, the other 92% of us are just really into BrickBreaker (I’m just picking a number out of the air, by the way).

A solid article, from the Wall Street Journal, no less (WSJ is subscription-based, Moneyweb is not, profiles CrackBerry addicts and the pursuit of the BrickBreaker crown.

In this era of startlingly realistic video games, BrickBreaker is straight out of the Stone Age. Yet it has developed a cult following, not among the young Gameboy set, but with executives chained to their email. Players swap strategies in chat rooms, brag about their prowess and pay homage to BrickBreaker superstars — a few with top scores of over one million.

Brickmania has come as a surprise to RIM, the maker of BlackBerries. David Castell, vice president of product marketing, says it developed the game in-house in early 2002 for use in prototype BlackBerries. Then, in 2003 when RIM released its first color BlackBerry, the company decided it should include a game to showcase the new color screen.

Mr. Castell says BrickBreaker was chosen simply because it was the only game far enough along in development. “It was not like we gave a lot of thought to it,” he says. “The game was just thrown in there.” He says he rarely plays it. These days, other games, including Texas Hold’em King 2, can be downloaded to BlackBerries from

Who can relate?