Traffic getting heavier in the mobile industry


stopinthenameofbb.jpgLet’s hope the gridlock that you dealt with on the drive in to work this morning doesn’t get mimicked on your hip anytime soon. An article from Computing UK notes that traffic levels for content in the mobile industry is shooting up and is set to “explode” at any time. Not only will the traffic levels explode, but what about the users when they check out their data charges?

The mobile industry is gearing up for a “gold rush” as operators sign up mobile content providers to offer music, video streaming, messages, enterprise applications and more, ABI Research predicts.

ABI’s report noted that securing “heavy duty” content will be key to the future success of mobile operators.

ABI estimates that non-voice traffic currently represents between 15 and 29 per cent of operator service revenues, depending on the market.

Of this, mobile internet downloads and data now contribute a very respectable three to 17 per cent of total service revenues.

Operators are striving to lock down entertainment content, including not only broadcast network syndicated shows, but user-created material that enables an operator to differentiate itself and reduce churn.