BlackBerry gets shown up at 3GSM

Unforuntately, we’re not talking about the BlackBerry 8800 showing up on the scene. Last week, the folks at emoze thought they’d have a little fun and organize an “e-mail-off” of sorts with the BlackBerry, to see who could “provide users with their emails quickest” and, well, there’s no easy way to put this - the BlackBerry user was the one going to the consolation room.

Both shooters stood back to back with their respective handsets - one a BlackBerry, the other a regular mobile phone with the emoze push email application installed. A Gmail account was opened and the email address given to the two duelers. They both created an email on their handsets, walked three paces and on the count of three, turned around and pushed ’send’.

The audience watched a screen to see whether the email sent via BlackBerry or emoze would arrive fastest, and as the tension started to build, the emoze email appeared in the inbox first.

“BlackBerry is considered the mobile push email gold standard, and the emoze vs. BlackBerry showdown at 3GSM clearly demonstrated the benefits of equipping your mobile device to send and receive real-time push email, through a simple free download,” said Benny Ballin, emoze chief executive officer.

“With emoze, mobile users can now effectively revolutionise the capabilities of their devices. emoze provides the means for both consumer and enterprise mobile users to securely send and receive mobile email and other data, enabling them to stay connected wherever they are. A significant advantage of emoze is that we also place great emphasis on the quality of user experience and efficiency of the mobile device.”

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February 27th, 2007 at 4:47 pm

what about receiving? Whats faster there?
was the BB 3G capable

BlackBerryCool » Emoze beats BlackBerry again, nobody cares
March 29th, 2007 at 7:27 am

[...] And we use the term “beats” extremely lightly here, folks. We hadn’t talked about emoze in a while, and I was happy about that. They originally faced off against BlackBerry in an email showdown at 3GSM in Barcelona, and walked away “victorious” for receiving an email before it’s rival. But it should be noted, that Emoze is nowhere near as sophisticated as BlackBerry, we’ll just let them feel this sense of importance. [...]

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