Could YOU do without?


dkneale.jpgI think we all get it by now. We’re replacing face to face interaction with face to screen-type relationships. It’s sad, really. Actually, what’s sad is seeing a man in his forties cry his eyes out (and by “sad” I mean “kind of funny”). Check out our most recent YouTube grab from the Today Show’s “Could You Do Without” segment on NBC, where Forbes managing editor Dennis Kneale tries to go without a cellphone, email, and you better believe it – his BlackBerry – for a full seven days.

Watch as Kneale gets reduced to a snivelling wireless dependent (granted, it’s for a pretty good reason).

So this got me thinking – could I do without? I got myself all pumped up, strutted around the apartment and told my girlfriend that I would do it. I would put down my BlackBerry for a week, make a big spectacle of it on the site, write a daily journal and share it with you folks. But you know what? My optimism lasted a full three minutes as I realized that it really is my only line of communication. And let’s face it: I’ve got a 2.0 job where connectivity is pretty well a must.

But what about YOU? Do you think you could do it? Who wants to volunteer? Seriously.