Weekly Contest: Help or hindrance?


I have a pretty good feeling that the majority of you see your BlackBerry as more of a supporter than a detractor, but aren’t there always two sides to a coin? This week, apart from the news of the 8800’s release, there was a lot of talk regarding email addiction and whether or not we’ve been chained to our wired-in ways of communicating.

And therein we find the insipiration for this week’s installment of the BlackBerry Cool Weekly Contest. I’d like to present a challenge to each commenter to weigh in from both sides of the fence and answer: Is the BlackBerry more of a help or hindrance? Play fair with yourself and try and be objective (I sound like my grade 11 English teacher). Winner this week will be walking away with their choice of three Magmic games, courtesy of the fine folks at BPlay.

What about last week? Well, with a Proporta Gadget Bag up for grabs, there was no lack of entries to choose from. And although I want to see Jason bring sexy back, the prize actually goes to N8DBB for his stellar response (remember, we were asking specifically about Cingular’s launch of the device, not just the device itself). Congrats, sir. The man purse is yours - I’m sure you’ll look more masculine with it than I did.

Yes, they actually did do a press release this time about the 21st. BUT. Numerous people (including myself) have called their local Cingular stores to confirm this, and no two stores have the correct answer, some stating as long as the 4th quarter of 2007.

This just proves that Cingular has no idea what is going on (whether or not they are part of the “new AT&T) when it comes to a device launch, unless it happens to be a BlackJack or an iPhone.

Good luck this week, folks. And guess what? New podcast this weekend! Keep an eye out.

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February 26th, 2007 at 12:18 am

As part of the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Community, the Blackberry is THE device to have with regard to staying in touch with others without being tied to a TTY phone, a computer with IM, or these days, our videophones. It’s PDA-like functions, internet browser, BBMaps with GPS (built-in or Bluetooth) and 3rd-party apps like GoogleTalk, GoogleMaps, IP-Relay etc., are incredible. I’m on it all the time!

However, four weeks ago, while grabbing my Pearl from the nightstand first thing and unplugging the USB charge cord, I inadvertently knocked my hearing aid onto the floor. It was later found crushed, obviously from a heavy foot. Luckily, I still had my 10-yr old aid to use as a back-up.

That was until this past Friday when I repeated the above action.

“Doh!” Or shall I say, “Huh?”

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