CNet reviews the BlackBerry 8800


cnetlogoogo.jpgThere’s a few folks that people who’s opinions the public seek out more when new devices drop. We’ve got good ol’ Walt Mossberg over at the Wall Street Journal, NY Times Editor David Pogue, and the CNet team always seems to do a decent job of giving handhelds a once over. And CNet doesn’t disappoint this time around with their review of the BlackBerry 8800.

They list some goods and bads about the device (they went for the obvious lack of Wi-Fi in the bad column), and give the device a solid 8.0 rating. Check out this link for their video review.

The bottom line: Despite some minor issues, the RIM BlackBerry 8800 offers mobile professionals a well-rounded smart phone with added multimedia functions, GPS, and push-to-talk capabilities. That said, messaging remains its forte.