Lack of innovation leads to Palm’s demise?

Some say it is so, friends. Some say it is so. More specifically, it’s Techworld from the UK saying that Palm is doomed and is blaming it on their lack of innovation, and that makes complete sense to this blogger. The article notes that the world isn’t the same as it was a year ago, and while other smartphones like the BlackBerry continue to evolve and new competition joins the fray, with Palm just resting on it’s laurels, it can’t put up too good of a fight.

Meanwhile, it looks like Palm isn’t even trying to innovate. Colligan said in an interview recently that the company is focused on ease of use, rather than design, and that the company doesn’t want to “follow design fads.” In other words, Palm is not only failing to set trends, it’s not even following them anymore.

If the company can remain true to its founding vision, remain independent and out-innovate everyone else like it used to, you can disregard everything I’ve written here. But if Palm remains on its current trajectory, the company is history.

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February 27th, 2007 at 4:22 pm

The problem is they have been playing corporate games - screwing around with the organization, the brands, managememnt structure, selling and buying back brands.

This obviously has taken the focus away from innovating.

I’be been a faithful Palm users for years and have contnually been frustrated with development time frames with the Palm OS.

The Palm OS was where the real IP value was in my view - and they gave it away. Windows Mobile was the death nell!

Now I’m just waiting for the iPhone or maybe the Blackberry 8800. Then the Treo will go.


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