RIM posts a status update… again


Don’t worry, people. We’re nearing the end of these updates. The whole options-granting debacle that’s been following RIM since they announced their Q2 results in October will (hopefully – oh, please) be done on March 2nd when the company finally brings their numbers to the table. Just like the update they posted just 11 days ago, RIM’s released another status update. Thanks for keeping us up to speed, folks.

The Special Committee of RIM’s Board of Directors is scheduled to present its key findings, conclusions and recommendations to RIM’s Board of Directors on Friday, March 2, 2007. Following the Special Committee’s presentation to the Board and the Board’s consideration thereof, the Company anticipates disclosing a summary of the key findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Special Committee in a press release which it currently expects will be issued on Monday, March 5, 2007.

The press release on March 5 will serve as the Company’s regular, bi-weekly status update that would have been otherwise issued on March 2, 2007.