BlackBerry Cool wants YOU

First, let’s take a second to appreciate my Photoshop skills. Second, let me send an open invite to all of you to become a part of BlackBerry Cool. Think you can bring something to the table that we’re not already (content-wise, that is)? Drop me a note at steve [at] and we’ll work out some logistics.

We’re on the hunt for editorial writers, stock analysts, reviewers - anyone that could help make BlackBerry Cool be the best possible resource it can be for this community. Thanks, pals.

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3 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool wants YOU”

  1. 1 krad

    i can be a reviewer

  2. 2 tarra arias

    I would love to fill a reviewer position

  3. 3 Mani

    I would like to do all three, Editing, Review and Stock Analysis. My preference would be stock analysis.

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