BlackBerrys settle bets better

I’m sure a lot of you didn’t realize it, but the moment you picked up your first BlackBerry, your IQ grew exponentially (well, kinda). A really well-thought out article in the New York Times profiles the use of the BlackBerry as an avenue to take when a bet just needs to be settled (or for any other instant information gratification). Doctors using Google in front of a patient, bookies using Wikipedia - what’s next?

It’s like the classic scene in Woody Allen’s 1977 film “Annie Hall,” when Alvy Singer imagines how he would like to reply to the know-it-all standing behind him in line for a movie and pontificating about Marshall McLuhan. Now, instead of pulling McLuhan out from behind a poster to scold, “You know nothing of my work,” Alvy could just pull out his BlackBerry and shove the Wikipedia entry in the guy’s face.

I really want to hear from you folks about this one. I love just sitting back at the bar and hearing pals spout on about topics, silently checking into my BlackBerry to put them in their place when they misplay their information (and you better believe they think I’m a jerk for doing so). So, recently settled a bet between you and the girlfriend? Boosted your knowledge with a quick Wiki search? Let me know what’s up.

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3 Responses to “BlackBerrys settle bets better”

  1. 1 Krad


    Unfortunatly i usually bet my wife many many things and the blackberry always always proves me wrong!!!!

    damn you internet!!!! lol

  2. 2 Smarty

    Four years ago when my wife was about to get an emergency major Major MAJOR operation I was pushing the stretcher to the Operating Room with the doctor. As we were pushing the stretcher down the hall he was telling me in a very technical way what he was going to do to my wife on the operating table and I was on my Blackberry plugging it all in to Google as fast as I could. He was shocked that with about a 10-15 second lag I went from knowing nothing to asking him very detailed and techical questions. As an example he said they needed to put in an X. I asked him how to spell it and ten seconds later I said to the doctor that there were six kinds of X, which one was he putting in, what were going to be the settings on it, and how could those settings be field adjusted later. His jaw just dropped.

  3. 3 jason

    I remember a late night at the local tavern with friends. We began discussing songs.
    “Wrapped up like a douche”. . . .a few moments later, I was enjoying my tasty free beverage as we all sang for the first time the correct line. . .
    “Revved up like a deuce, and another runner in the night. . .”

    It wasn’t till much later, that we answered the more important question, “What the hell is a deuce?”

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