Handango reports 2006 numbers for BlackBerry

Better late than never, I guess. But for anyone concerned about the growth of the BlackBerry and it’s market, this should ease some worries. Handango has posted numbers for smartphone content in 2006, and BlackBerry, the little device that could, showed the most potential out of all other smartphones with the highest percentage of growth. It’s like our money is the water the company needs to bloom.

The Handango Yardstick reported another significant year for BlackBerry with an 81 percent increase over last year in new applications and an 87 percent increase in new content providers. BlackBerry continues to be popular with workers as Business & Professional software was the top category for this platform based on revenue.

This category also represented the highest ASP at $39.87. The top BlackBerry devices adding content in 2006 were the BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 7100i, Blackberry 8700g, BlackBerry 7130e and BlackBerry 7290.

The top 10 best-selling applications for BlackBerry in 2006 were:

1. Ringtone Megaplex
2. Ringphonic Lite*
3. VoiceControl*
4. eSpell*
5. IM+
6. WorldMate Professional Edition*
7. Ringphonic*
8. Aces Texas Hold’em - No Limit
9. RepliGo Professional*
10. Ascendo Photos

2 Responses to “Handango reports 2006 numbers for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Peter Bowles

    I know as a fact that the numbers for Ringphonic Lite* are cooked. This is a Handango Product, they increased the counter on the number of sales to make it compete against ringtone megaplex.

  2. 2 Nathan

    I wonder if people just really want ringtones bad enough for their BlackBerries that maybe two apps could sell well? Couldn’t happen, could it? That would be crazy!

  1. 1 Handango reports on BlackBerry numbers in 2007 | BlackBerry Cool

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