Iotum launches Talk Now update - updated

Two weeks ago, we put iotum’s Talk Now technology onto your radar. If you’ll remember, Talk Now is an application for your BlackBerry that essentially shares your availability with members of your contact list.

Since Talk Now’s successful launch, the folks at iotum have been tweaking away, making improvements for your benefit. Appreciate their efforts at iotum’s official website where they’ve has posted an updated version of the software. To see what’s changed, hit the jump.

Installation and setup. The installation process and updates are now smoother for new users, including the contacts you invite to join Talk-Now and yourself.
- A progress dialog appears when contacts are uploaded
- Explanation and content have been added in both the setup wizard and the myiotum dashboard
- You will be prompted automatically for updates as they become available. Talk-Now will know when it needs to be updated, and offer to do so, rather than you having to update via email.
Blackberry Integration
- minor bugs have been fixed (eg. dialogue boxes not behaving properly)
- Talk-Now integrates more deeply into the call log, resulting in a more seamless experience. Among the many things which it does is automatically offer to add a person to your Talk-Now list after a call which ends in voice mail.

We had the pleasure of having iotum’s Alec Saunders over at our offices the other day to give us a run through of Talk Now. I can’t tell you enough how great this application is and how it will, without any doubt, improve your daily communications. Don’t sit back and wait for this application to blow up, get it on your BlackBerry asap.

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