iotum’s Talk-Now and mobile presence

Have we got you paying attention to iotum yet? These Ottawa-based folks have put their spin on mobile presence technologies, creating Talk-Now, an application that (yes, we’ll explain again) essentially shares your availability with other members of your contact list.

iotum CEO Alec Saunders runs a blog of his own and has put together a great piece about mobile presence that I recommend you check out. He goes into detail about how Talk-Now isn’t just a great tool for the end user, but in the end, it makes carriers more money - everyone wins!

Moreover, although it seems a little counter-intuitive, when you leave fewer voice mails, your carrier earns more money. Presence actually drives more communications network minutes, because successful person to person calls are much longer than voicemail calls. An increase of 7% in connection probability drives a nearly 10% increase in network minutes used.

There you have it. Presence increases customer satisfaction, reduces telephone tag, and drives higher revenues for carriers.

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