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WallStrip touches on RIMM


wallstrip.jpgThanks to one of pals Dave Mabe, author of the great BlackBerry Hacks (available now from Amazon for only $17.22 USD), for the tip. Last October, Wall Street satirists posted a video about RIM’s place on the stock market and commented on the device’s addictive nature.

Well, looks like there’s another one on it’s way today. Be sure to check in with the to check out what they’ve got to say about Research In Motion and their and their addictive nature this time around – and enjoy the little competition they’ve set up. Actually, just check out the video after the jump and continue to hang out with us.

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RIM posts a status update… again


Don’t worry, people. We’re nearing the end of these updates. The whole options-granting debacle that’s been following RIM since they announced their Q2 results in October will (hopefully – oh, please) be done on March 2nd when the company finally brings their numbers to the table. Just like the update they posted just 11 days ago, RIM’s released another status update. Thanks for keeping us up to speed, folks.

The Special Committee of RIM’s Board of Directors is scheduled to present its key findings, conclusions and recommendations to RIM’s Board of Directors on Friday, March 2, 2007. Following the Special Committee’s presentation to the Board and the Board’s consideration thereof, the Company anticipates disclosing a summary of the key findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Special Committee in a press release which it currently expects will be issued on Monday, March 5, 2007.

The press release on March 5 will serve as the Company’s regular, bi-weekly status update that would have been otherwise issued on March 2, 2007.

Interview with the Clerk



Apart from Cingular, one party that continuously gets the short end of the stick from BlackBerry-lovers are the wireless clerks that sell us our devices. Back in January, I tried my best to shed some light on the situation, but I figured what better way than to go to the source itself.

So, I slapped on my coat and head out into the bright lights of the non-office world and set out with a task – interview an employee who wants my commission. Luckily I’ve still got some old contacts still working for a former employer, so tying one down wasn’t that difficult. The end result probably won’t make you like these kids any more, unfortunately.

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Handango reports 2006 numbers for BlackBerry


Better late than never, I guess. But for anyone concerned about the growth of the BlackBerry and it’s market, this should ease some worries. Handango has posted numbers for smartphone content in 2006, and BlackBerry, the little device that could, showed the most potential out of all other smartphones with the highest percentage of growth. It’s like our money is the water the company needs to bloom.

The Handango Yardstick reported another significant year for BlackBerry with an 81 percent increase over last year in new applications and an 87 percent increase in new content providers. BlackBerry continues to be popular with workers as Business & Professional software was the top category for this platform based on revenue.

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BBCool Podcast episode 2 now online


What? You missed the first one? Unacceptable. Well, now we’re alerting you to the second episode of the BlackBerry Cool podcast, so there’s no excuses this time around. Listen as BlackBerry Cool co-editor Douglas Soltys and I sit and banter back and forth about the release of the BlackBerry 8800, talk about new devices on their way, let our thoughts out about email addiction, with some solid quips mixed in for good measure.

What better way to waste 30 minutes of your work day than listening to two BlackBerry addicts go on about something you care just as much about? Don’t say Brickbreaker. Head to the iTunes podcast directory and search for BBCool to subscribe, or just grab this address – – and click “Subscribe to Podcast” under the “Advanced” menu in your iTunes. Let us know what you think.

We repeat, no threat from iPhone to the BlackBerry


I’m glad everyone else is finally cluing in here. Sure, we got a little excited about Apple’s newest export, but that died the next day along with any fears of it taking down the BlackBerry. Finally, the doubters have reason to believe us as Forbes has run a piece that highlights RBC analyst Mike Abramsky and his firm belief that the iPhone is in no way a threat to our favoured device.

“While we continue to expect competitive launches,” Abramsky said, “particularly Apple’s iPhone, to pressure RIM’s valuation, RIM’s stronger than expected momentum may help mitigate this impact, reassuring investors its threat to RIM’s consumer push may be less than feared.”

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