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Change the colour of your ball



Come on – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Quickly moving on, we’re always trying to find new ways to customize our devices to make us even nerdier cooler than the rest of society. One of our favourite Forums members San Francisco has put together a great tutorial of how to change the colour of your Pearl’s trackball, all with the help of some prying fingers and the Sharpie of your choice. Check out the in-depth step-by-step instructions for all the details, now I just need to nab Doug’s away from him and put together a video for you folks.

Lack of innovation leads to Palm’s demise?


Some say it is so, friends. Some say it is so. More specifically, it’s Techworld from the UK saying that Palm is doomed and is blaming it on their lack of innovation, and that makes complete sense to this blogger. The article notes that the world isn’t the same as it was a year ago, and while other smartphones like the BlackBerry continue to evolve and new competition joins the fray, with Palm just resting on it’s laurels, it can’t put up too good of a fight.

Meanwhile, it looks like Palm isn’t even trying to innovate. Colligan said in an interview recently that the company is focused on ease of use, rather than design, and that the company doesn’t want to “follow design fads.” In other words, Palm is not only failing to set trends, it’s not even following them anymore.

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What’s going


down2nightlogo.jpgOh, I see what they did there. Clever PR people and their press release titles. Thanks to Mark at for alerting me to this new roll-out, a social tool of sorts that lets you know about parties and other more-than-likely hip and happening events that are going on in your neck of the woods via SMS text messages. The alpha version of just launched in Seattle, San Francisco, and Tri-cities, WA with other major cities across coming as “popularity and feedback pour in”. Now there’s confidence.

“This market segment is the most mobile-savvy group having SMS messaging experience, while also being the individuals that spend the most time and money attending musical events, and visiting clubs, lounges, and other nightlife establishments says Mark Michael CEO/Co-founder.”

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Find It thanks to InfoSpace



It’s applications like these that make BlackBerry addiction that much sweeter (and harder to get away from). The team over at InfoSpace has developed a pretty great application for BlackBerry devices called “Find It”. It’s like having a personal concierge attached at your hip at all times – a definite time saver. Boy Genius had a sit-down with the app and was thoroughly impressed – not an easy task.

Find ATM machines, restaurants, movies, and more, all with directions on how to get there. I knew there was a catch, though – it’s only available to BlackBerry users with US carriers at the moment. Lousy. I’m hoping that’ll change in the near future. You can get the app OTA via this link and try it out – it’ll officially be rolled out near the middle of March.

BlackBerry Cool celebrates 3000 posts



This is it, folks. Number 3000. I’m happy to have been a part of a pretty solid chunk of those, but kudos and thanks go to all past contributors and editors. And obviously, and as cheesy as it is, thanks to all of you who continue to come back and check in on how we’re doing. We’ve been promising big changes, and I can’t wait to roll out all of the little nooks and crannies that will make BlackBerry Cool the best possible resource it can be. And we do it for you. Because we care, really. Here’s to 3,000 more, right? Right.

BlackBerry missteps in social media marketing


Poor RIM. Not only do they constantly seem to receive backlash regarding their lack of marketing efforts from “experts” like myself and other folks as qualified as myself (you know, like yourselves), but even when they make some sort of showing, there’ll still be some naysayers in the crowd. This time we’ve got blogger Rohit Bhargava talking about the recent “Share Your Stories” campaign that RIM has run and lists four crucial mistakes that the series makes. Come on, Rohit. They’re trying.

Mistake #1 – Not offering a payoff or incentive for users: Asking consumers to share their stories with you is one thing, but giving them an incentive beyond relying on their affinity for your brand is vital. This is not about turning any campaign into a contest with winners and prizes. The incentive could be as simple as guaranteeing that your story is shared with the most relevant people inside of Blackberry, or sending a personal email of thanks back. The point is, an incentive answers the question of why … and without necessarily promising a financial reward as the answer.

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