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BlackBerry Mascot on MySpace explained


smmascot.jpgI’m not saying the Globe and Mail gets their tips from BlackBerry Cool, but… ok, that’s exactly what I’m saying. One of their writers has put together a piece behind corporations using social-networking tools like MySpace and Facebook to reach a demographic that really isn’t susceptible to modern advertising efforts.

However, marketing experts note in the piece that a lot of heavy users are actually about the age of 35, thus opening the door for more adult-focused brands.

“A consumer who is into a particular social networking site visits it numerous times a day and spends a lot of time on it,” says Jeff Roach, managing director at Toronto marketing firm Youthography Inc.

“I think a lot of marketers are thinking, ‘how do we tap into those eyeballs there?’ “

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iotum’s Talk-Now and mobile presence


saunderssslog.jpgHave we got you paying attention to iotum yet? These Ottawa-based folks have put their spin on mobile presence technologies, creating Talk-Now, an application that (yes, we’ll explain again) essentially shares your availability with other members of your contact list.

iotum CEO Alec Saunders runs a blog of his own and has put together a great piece about mobile presence that I recommend you check out. He goes into detail about how Talk-Now isn’t just a great tool for the end user, but in the end, it makes carriers more money – everyone wins!

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Third-Party Software and Solutions: Going the Way of the Dinosaur?


A little more than a decade ago, when the modern WWW-net was being born, I was trying to figure out how to get myself “connected” to this newfound promise land through Prodigy or America Online. Being from a fairly rural area, it almost seemed like a situation that, without long distance fees and horrible service, I would see by the turn of the century.

But unknown to me at the time, we had an area communications and holdings company that had started birthing various venture capital investments into the beasts that became MindSpring (merged with EarthLink and became second largest ISP in America), Powertel (merged with Voicestream and became T-Mobile USA), (purchased by CareerBuilder to become the largest job search website), InterCall (the largest conferencing provider in the world), and quite a few more well-known businesses in the United States and worldwide.

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Mike Lazaridis interviewed by Laptop Magazine


lazaridismike.jpgThanks to Robb for shoving this article under my door. Is it just me, or are the two highest RIM execs getting a little cocky as of late? First, we’ve got Balsillie saying that the BlackBerry will be the go-to when it comes to getting music onto a communications device, and now in a recent interview with Laptop Magazine, co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is nearly swearing up and down that the 8800 is the smartphone saviour (our words, not his). A great read.

Lazaridis: What the 8800 does is completely redefine what is considered a top-of-the-line phone. Not only do you get the BlackBerry experience, but this sets the standard for the appearance of these products. When you look at it the first time, it’s kind of beguiling because of the way we integrated the keyboard into the industrial design. It doesn’t look complicated.

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Rogers BlackBerry 8800 coming March 7


rogers8800sm.jpgThanks to a couple of anonymous emails, we can finally break out the red pen and circle a solid day on our calendars. The BlackBerry 8800 will make it’s debut at Rogers authorized dealers on March 7 (hey, the rumours were spot on). I made the trek to a local dealer yesterday in seek of pricing (why I would go to the actual dealer is beyond me, but I had high hopes).

I’m sure the majority of you already know the result of my conversation with this rookie rep, but just to clarify – I learned nothing new about the device. He did know what it was, though, so kudos to him for that, I suppose. But there we go, Canadians – March 7 on Rogers. So that means, what, the year 2015 for Bell and 2046 for Telus? Gotcha.

Top 5 reasons why BlackBerry is King


bb8800crown.jpgYou better believe we’ll capitalize the “K” up there. A pretty solid piece from Information Week has just been churned out listing the top 5 reasons that the BlackBerry is STILL king of mobile e-mail (was there ever any doubt)? Columnist Stephen Wellman runs through is reasoning with notes like “carriers like the BlackBerry”, “security is locked down”, and how comprehensive the device is. What was the number one reason?

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