REXwireless’ IdeaMatrix reviewed

Submerged in a sea of post-its and scrap paper are lost notes and reminders from days, months, even years passed. Initial shreds of brilliance quickly turn to gum holders and pen testers, and then eventually head to the trash bin. Sure, there’s a MemoPad on my BlackBerry, but ideas come quicker than I can really handle them, and then they just get lost in another sea, this time in digital form. If only there were a better way to organize them… if only… (cue fade-out, dream sequence, etc.)

Obviously there is a better way, otherwise that introduction was for naught. REXWireless’ IdeaMatrix gives you a way to get your ideas out, sort them, find them, remind you of them and so much more. If there were a saving grace for scatterbrains and prolific thinkers, this would be it. Check out our review of REXwireless’ IdeaMatrix after the jump.

It makes sense that the BlackBerry comes with a MemoPad already installed. With today’s society seemingly on a moving sidewalk, it’s important to be able to have a place to store thoughts, lists, reminders and the like. Unfortunately, the MemoPad is pretty bare. With REXwireless’ IdeaMatrix, the organization is there so you’re able to keep thoughts in order and in one place while the rest of the world keeps moving along.

To pick up IdeaMatrix, your first step is to head to REXwireless’ official home where instructions will let you know how to pick up the app over the air. After pointing your device’s browser to the link provided, IdeaMatrix downloads in no time and shows up on your home screen. Success.

REXwireless took the “first impressions last forever” adage to heart with IdeaMatrix. Immediately you see a well-laid out tree organizational system with folders labelled and ready for your input. The main screen shows all of these folders that can easily be expanded or collapsed with a hot key. Speaking of hot keys. IdeaMatrix has a constant toolbar running underneath the main window noting what hot keys can be used and what they do. Not sure of a hot key command? Hitting “H” will bring up a full list of those available. Great.

Inputting information isn’t too different than the default MemoPad, but to use a cliche, that’s pretty well where the comparison ends. You can attach a reminder and alert for the note you just created and your device will act similar to an alarm and notify you of your important “Watch the Daily Show” when the time comes. After you’ve created your note, file it into a provided category or create your own. The great thing with IdeaMatrix is that there’s no limit to the amount of notes or folders you can create.

Organization’s never been my strong point and I’m sure I’m not the only one. IdeaMatrix’s folders are the first step in getting things in order and are already enough to keep me happy. However, the application’s “IndySearch” searches all inputted text, not just titles, and can find anything in a snap. Also, you can quickly and easily move folders and notes with a quick click of the wheel (or Pearl) - a menu will pop up prompting you where you’d like to move your thought, and that’s that.

And there’s more. Even though these ideas are now sitting safe in your device as opposed to scattered across your desk, there’s still worry of losing them. REXwireless has taken care of this with their own web desktop that lets users back-up IdeaMatrix’s library of ideas onto their server. If you ever need to recover your data for whatever reason, this is how it gets done. Now you’ll have piece of mind that your ideas are safer than ever before (especially with the option to password protect notes).

I know I’ve gushed about products and applications before, but I think that IdeaMatrix is the first application that I would consider inviting to a family dinner - it’s that great. The price of the application varies depending on how many registration keys are purchased (1-10 gets you that product for $59.95 for each key, 11-49 keys for $54.95, 50-99 keys for $49.95). Seems a little steep, but for the amount that this app will get used it’s not too big of a scar on the overall product. IdeaMatrix is available from REXwireless’ official site.

Functionality: A+
Appearance: A
Price: B
Security: A

BlackBerry Cool rating: A

5 Responses to “REXwireless’ IdeaMatrix reviewed”

  1. 1 Greg

    Great review, and a great product. I use both IdeaMatrix and ToDoMatrix. Not only is the software very well done, but their support is excellent bar none.

  2. 2 Todd

    I am giving IdeaMatrix a try and after a couple of hours of playing, I have to say this is a must buy program for me. Being a BIS user, I have always been missing a way to carry and sync my notes. Emails tagged as Save was not cutting it.

    For 3rd party software, I rate this with this in the same category as berry411, GoogleTalk and GoogleMaps.

    Everyone should give the demo a spin.

    Now, if they would just make a calendar program, I would be all over that.

  3. 3 Eddie

    This is hands down the best PDA application I have ever used. Its ease of use and rich functionality are unbeatable. The graphical search function takes this product from A to A+++. The price is a little higher than I would like, but it is still well worth it. I am able to organize all my data (both personal and professional) is drawers, folders and easily find anything I need.

    I have used similar products, but in most applications, once you get so much information it gets difficult to find what is needed in all the folders. The graphic search completely eliminates the problem of not being able to find information easily. Great product!

  4. 4 James Stroud

    I’ve been using ToDoMatrix and will probably buy it. One of the few things that ToDoMatrix lacks is the ability to connect a note to a to-do item. How well does ToDoMatrix integrate with IdeaMatrix in this respect? I would imagine that the incentive to purchase both through the Silver plan would be a synergy between the two that is more than merely incidental.

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