Top 5 reasons why BlackBerry is King

bb8800crown.jpgYou better believe we’ll capitalize the “K” up there. A pretty solid piece from Information Week has just been churned out listing the top 5 reasons that the BlackBerry is STILL king of mobile e-mail (was there ever any doubt)? Columnist Stephen Wellman runs through is reasoning with notes like “carriers like the BlackBerry”, “security is locked down”, and how comprehensive the device is. What was the number one reason?

1. BlackBerry is easy-to-use. For most end-users, BlackBerry delivers a great user experience across its devices and for both enterprise and personal accounts. BlackBerry does what it says it does and it is relatively easy to set up.

Wellman goes on to say that if anyone wants to beat the BlackBerry, they’ve got to do it better and cheaper than the device already does - “good luck”, he says. And we agree. Check out the full list and it’s rationale here.

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  1. 1 bsic

    Well, as a consumer, only one of those 5 matter, and that is ease-of-use.

    - Consumers dont care if “carriers like the blackberry”.
    - Microsoft directpush offers SSL security. Dont know if anything beyond that really matters to joe-consumer.
    - Device management : is in WM6.
    - Dont get the whole “blackberry is more comprehensive”. Not one example of what this means is included in the article. Unless the author meant “one of the five reasons is that it does the other four”.

  2. 2 N8DBB

    I recently picked up a TREO 750 for the multimedia functions (3G and streaming media mainly) and have to say that for multimedia, it is an awesome device. Not the easiest thing in the world to use, BlackBerry does have it beat there. “Regular consumers” though don’t give a damn about security and enterprise, etc.

    But, on the flip side, RIM hasn’t been targeting that group until recently.

    Bottom line: Would I use the TREO on a daily basis for work related things? Nope. The 8700 is still there for that.

    RIM, if the 9 series is as bad ass as the rumors are, I will have no use for a Treo.

    BUT, you are going to have to create a 3G device (I could care less about WiFi if I have 3G) and TMOBILE is going to have to get their 3G up and running (Still slated for the end of 2007?). Also, you need an OS that is compatible with Win Media and Real Player files…

    And please do hurry…Like I said, the TREO is nice for fun, but damnit, I am already getting tired of carrying 2 devices and having 2 different cell phone service providers!

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