Affordable BlackBerrys for Airtel customers


airtellogo.jpgBargain BlackBerry days are on now in India thanks to Airtel. They’re lowering the pricing on their BlackBerry devices, up to 75%, to to Rs 249 per month. I’m not really up on my foreign currency, but bringing the price down from Rs 1,099 per month for a monthly rental seems pretty impressive. The deal starts today.

The new plan, which will be effective from Thursday, is expected to reduce the average monthly bill of the users by 40-45 per cent as the Blackberry utilises a high level of data compression, the Bharti Airtel statement said in New Delhi.

The users would now be charged only 15 paise per KB of usage, it said.

The statement also said existing Airtel Blackberry users have the option of continuing with the old plan with a rental of Rs 1,099 per month for unlimited usage.

Airtel has also reduced the price of the Blackberry 7100g handset to Rs 10,999, the statement added.