Mike Lazaridis profiled on Guardian UK


Don’t know about you folks, but I like seeing how our two CEO’s tick. A great piece from the Guardian UK has just turned up profiling the inventor of the BlackBerry, Jim Balsillie’s partner in crime, Mike Lazaridis. It gives a great little background check on the RIM CEO, give a pseudo-CV, as well as discuss his level of connectivity. A solid read.

An immigrant child, at age four he made a record player out of Lego. As a teenager he continued to impress his Canadian schoolfriends with his inventions. He set up his own company to develop some of them while studying electrical engineering at university.

He dropped out, along with two friends, a month before graduation after the firm – Research in Motion – won a $600,000 (£300,000) contract from one of the world’s largest car companies.

How often does he check his? “Only when it makes a noise,” he says. So that means that he too can’t resist the lure of taking a look while waiting at traffic lights; while on the loo; in bed? After a pause he admits to the odd “sneak peek” in church.

If only we had that kind of restraint.