One more ailment for ‘Berry addicts


This one comes just in time for our weekly contest. Looks like there might be another condition inflicting us heavy BlackBerry users – “BlackBerry Neck”. CBS affiliate brings a video and article to the table explaining the growing epidemic that comes from us staring down at our ‘Berrys too often (hi-ooo). And as was the case with BlackBerry Thumb, they’re already thinking of ways to fix our angles.

To help lessen soreness, Overland suggests holding the gadget at eye level, spending 10 minutes or less with your head down looking at the device, and if you are at your home or office, actually plug the device into the computer.

(Thanks for the tip, Pauly)

“We actually ask them to hold it in their hands and take a look at the way they’re holding their body. We can see almost immediately what the cause of their pain is based on the position that they’re actually holding this device,” said Overland.

Dr. Santhosh Thomas is the medical director of the Cleveland Clinic’s spine center. He said the longer you tilt your head down, the harder your muscles work to keep you from falling forward.

“Your bones work in conjunction with the muscles and the actions. When you stress one of those areas, you can start feeling pain from the back of your neck to the tip of your fingers,” said Thomas.