Barbara Stymiest signs on to RIM’s audit committee


stymiester.jpgYes, THE Barbara Stymiest. Ok, I had no idea who she was either, but RIM must’ve thought she was something special as they’ve signed her on as director and as a member of their audit committee. This, obviously, is coming after Balsillie’s stepping down from Chairman and RIM’s looking to fill-in some holes better.

Stymiest has a respectable background with RBC where she was Chief Operating Officer, and before that she held employment as head of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Well, those are some pretty solid credentials.

“I had long discussions with management and other board members and recognized as I’m stepping in, I’m coming in at the end of the issue that’s been resolved on a going-forward basis,” Ms. Stymiest said in an interview. “It always needs to be resolved to the regulator’s satisfaction, but I think certainly the special committee’s work has been completed.”

Ms. Stymiest, who was ranked 27th in Fortune Magazine’s list of the 50 most powerful women in business last year, acknowledged that RBC is “very circumspect” about its senior managers hiring out their services as directors, and said she will only serve on RIM’s board. RBC CEO Gordon Nixon serves on the bank’s board, but is not a director of other companies.