Countdown to Balsillie Brunch


balsilliebreakfast.jpgI think we’re looking at about t-minus 24 hours here, folks. I just wanted to share my excitement, really. Tomorrow morning I’ll be making the trek out to Ottawa’s West End to ScotiaBank Place, home of the Ottawa Senators and home of the Ottawa Tech Showcase.

Balsillie will be making a speech at the OCRI Technology Executive Brunch, and as excited as I am about the bagels, I’m even more stoked about my press credentials and the man himself talk about RIM’s ups and downs while I’m actually in the audience as opposed to scraping it from the Globe and Mail.

I’m going to do my best to tackle him for an interview, but the two RIM honcho’s are usually on pretty strict schedules. If you’ve got a question you’d like me to pass along, though, leave it in the comments – I’ll try my best to be Anderson Cooper tomorrow (or some other respectable news journalist… just not Glenn Beck).