Bosses to blame for BlackBerry addiction


getoffthatberry.jpgWhy not blame your superior? That can’t hurt you at all, right? A report from PC World has the blame of the rising epidemic of BlackBerry addiction on the higher-ups at corporations. They’re looking at it as a “monkey see, monkey do” scenario, with the lower level employees wanting to impress the head honcho, so they do as he does and it ends up getting them in trouble, as well as the lack of rules that are in place when ‘Berrys are released to the company.

Companies can help their employees control BlackBerry compulsion by being clear about what normal hours for checking and responding to messages are, says coauthor and doctoral student Melissa Mazmanian. “These norms and expectations should be accompanied by training that enables people to learn how to batch and queue their messages so that they can work on e-mails when convenient, without sending them out until later,” she says.

Some companies try to prohibit BlackBerry use during meetings. Orlikowski says some organizations require BlackBerrys to be left in a box outside the meeting room. If that seems too rigid, you might schedule breaks to allow people to check e-mails.

And what about the readers? Do you folks have any “BlackBerry laws” in tact in your offices? Do you abide by those laws? Should there even BE laws? Let me know what’s up.