Iotum launches big Talk-Now update


pearltalknow.jpgWe haven’t heard from these folks in a while, and it’s always a pleasure when we can cover their ongoings. Thanks to iotum’s CEO Alec Saunders for letting us know all about the latest (and massive) upgrade to their Talk-Now application (a must-have, by the way).

Big pieces of feedback that stuck out to the company over the past month have been mulled over and solved by the iotum team and a new version of the software is available here. So what’s changed?

To address the need to be able to quickly see who is available, we’ve created a Contacts list, which shows every one of your contacts that is also a Talk-Now user. Now you can see, at a glance, who’s available, without the extra step of having to add that person to a special list.

If you need to be notified when that person becomes available, there’s now a special Notify Me list that lets you be notified when the people you need to speak with become available.

In addition to the existing green (free), and red (busy) states, we’ve also added a yellow state to indicate busy, but interruptable. The way it works is simple. You designate specific people as VIPs, which grants them the privilege to interrupt you, and see additional information about what you’re doing. Now your trusted contacts have the necessary information to make a decision about whether to interrupt or not.

And finally, we’ve completely revamped our setup wizard so that if can be run on the BlackBerry handheld directly. Simpler, and easier, it also removes any requirement to go to your PC for setup.

I can’t say it enough, folks. This is part of the future of the BlackBerry. Go check out the app.