Canadian dictionary to include “BlackBerry”


dictionaryary.jpgThere appears to be a re-write in the cards for the Canadian historical dictionary, and “BlackBerry” is in the running for inclusion. The current dictionary paints a picture of fur traders and igloo-dwellers with this updated version being prepped to dispel these crazy rumours. And as it should, not everyone lives in an igloo (I moved out finally last week).

The Ottawa Citizen reports that the initiators of this effort are looking to give Canadians the voice they deserve, and I guess they want the data plan, too, by suggesting “BlackBerry”.

So Generation X and even commercial names like BlackBerry will make their way into the new dictionary? “I would say yes, based on the idea that they were coined here and I think the world should know that because no one knows the BlackBerry is a Canadian invention,” lexicographer Stefan Dollinger says. “I think this is important. This is a national enterprise.”