Two new BlackBerrys to Bahrain via MTC-Vodafone

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While folks on this side of the world are salivating over the 8300 and looking dumfounded over red Pearls, Bahrain’s getting ready for two tried and tested devices. Research In Motion and MTC-Vodafone just announced that both the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8707v are on their way to Bahrain’s neck of the woods. RIM is slowly making their move for world domination, and this is just another piece on the RISK board of mobile communication.

“Mobile access to email and business information is becoming an essential business tool, and now both corporate and individual users can enjoy combined functionality of a full-featured BlackBerry smartphone with the added appeal of style and affordability,” said Dr. Ahmed Al Shatti, MTC-Vodafone (Bahrain) Chief Operating Officer.

“Both the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8707v provide effortless mobile connectivity, allowing all our customers the ability to stay in touch with the office, the web as well as friends, family and loved ones.”

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