Improving your BlackBerry reception

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Don’t start thinking you’re going to get some technical advice. Has noticing just one bar of signal strength on your ‘Berry sent you into an unsettling panic resulting in you doing anything to get that bar up one measly spot? Well, you’re not alone according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for indoor reception experts Wi-Ex.

They’re reporting that 62% of cell phone users at home do “something special” to improve their reception. Like what, you ask?

- “Stood in the closet with the light off”
- “Stand in my daughter’s room while touching the chain from her ceiling fan”
- “Stand on higher things like a couch or chair”
- “Stood by metal [stuff]“

Sure, I’ll give you some more after the jump.

- “Lay perfectly still without moving”
- “Run back and forth”
- “Moved my arm around”
- “Held my head at a funny angle”
- “Gone upstairs”
- “Hang out the window”
- “Kept moving my cell phone until I got a signal - and ended up pulling a matrix move as I tried to keep the signal”

I think the “run back and forth” option is my personal favourite - tried and tested, my friends. So let’s turn the tables like we tend to do around here. Have you folks ever done anything just to get that extra signal bar on your ‘Berry? Let me know.

  • b.N
    *watches Al-Jebra suck the life and fun out of the article*

    someone here probably screamed "you can't stop a bullet to the eye!" while watching the last superman movie.
  • Al-Jebra
    Anyone who knows anything knows bars mean nothing. Any savvy BB user uses Alt+NMLL to get a truer db reading. All savvy phone users know that algorithims determine number of bars..and no two phone makers do it the same way.

    As long as people care about Bars, things like this will be funny.
  • Paulbblc
    Packed up and moved!
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