Lack of ‘Berry activity leads to gruesome investigation


crimscene.jpgSorry to dampen your Wednesday, readers, but maybe this’ll make your significant other appreciate your constant ‘Berrying a little more. A piece coming out of New Brunswick, New Jersey tells the story of William McGuire and how his BlackBerry lead to discover that not only had he gone missing, but he’d been brutally murdered by his wife.

McGuire’s employer noted that his BlackBerry had stopped sending and receiving messages on April 30th of 2004, and five days later, the 39 year-old’s legs were pulled from a suitcase that surfaced in Chesapeake Bay.

Prosecutors seeking a first-degree murder conviction in state Superior Court claim McGuire’s wife, Melanie, a 34-year-old fertility clinic nurse, killed and dismembered him. She says she is innocent and her lawyers have suggested he was murdered because of gambling debts.

Testimony in the case continued yesterday.