Globe and Mail covers the “myth of wirelessness”


wirelessmyth.jpgThink you’re so connected that you’re unconnected? Remember how our crybaby-pal over at Forbes thought he lead a completely wireless existence? It’s all a lie. And don’t take it from me, the Globe and Mail has an entire piece on it – the myth of wirelessness, that is. The author is such a talented journalist that she makes note that we couldn’t exactly use our BlackBerrys without our chargers that require wires.

Thanks, Mrs. Obvious (she must be married to the Captain). Sure, we’re not completely wireless, but that means there’s enough wires around to keep YOU entertained like a cat with yarn.

Tethered as we all are with our “wireless” devices to some larger plug in the form of a satellite emitting signals somewhere out there in space, it does make you wonder: How virtual are our communications anyway? When your BlackBerry starts to buzz if it gets too close to the phone on your desk, and your cellphone fails in the parking elevator, is it because the little words and messages flying around us all the time are in some kind of virtual dead end that we refuse to acknowledge? The more you think about it, the creepier it gets.

What’s creepy to me is folks like you get writing gigs with the Globe and Mail.