Palm buyout happening by Thursday?


Looks like Palm’s having a sale, and unfortunately it’s not on any of their devices. We’ve been reporting about a possible sale of the Treo manufacturer for a while now, but the news has never been hotter than this. The company may be off the market as soon as this Thursday, says, and Nokia’s at the forefront of the possible $2 billion dollar buy-out.

Morgan Stanley — the banker that the PDA pioneer has been working with to explore its options — wants to wrap a deal by the 22nd, the day that Palm is due to report its third quarter results for its 2007 fiscal year, according to the latest word from sources. “They really want to get it closed on the 22nd,” a source told Unstrung on Monday morning.

Motorola’s a part of the game, too. And it looks like it may come down to Nokia/Moto battle with, my guess, Motorola coming out on top. From Unstrung:

A Motorola buyout would block Nokia and stop it from acquiring a ready-made stake in the North American enterprise market through a Palm takeover, while repositioning Motorola against Research In Motion Ltd. in the corporate world. “If they own Palm, all of a sudden Motorola becomes Microsoft’s best hope for competing against RIM and Apple.”

I don’t think RIM should start wringing their collars, though. It’ll be a while before whatever company buys out Palm to figure out what to do with their newfound resources, and especially if Motorla’s behind the buy, there’ll be heads-butting all over the place regarding technology issues. Thoughts?