Boy Genius gets the 8320 in-hand



I wonder if the BG had this in his back pocket during our interview yesterday, and kept his mouth shut about it. Who are we kidding, he’ll never keep his mouth shut, so he must’ve just got it. Boy Genius has got some great in-hand shots of the BlackBerry 8320 (that’s the one with Wi-Fi, no GPS). The device pretty well looks the same, but hey, it’s still exciting, right? This means that these devices are quickly coming down the pipeline, and I would expect them all to be in other folks’ hands by the end of Spring, no later.

Oh, and BG notes that this one has the 2.5mm headset jack, unlike the 8300 that we noticed had a 3.5mm (for normal sized headphones). What the heck is going on over at RIM?